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nautilus-open-terminal does not open terminals?

Samstag, Mai 8th, 2010

For about half a year or more I have been using Ubuntu with a defunct nautilus-open-terminal addition to the Nautilus file manager.  It adds a shortcut to the context and file menu of Nautilus reading „Open in terminal“ or something like that (in German it is „In Terminal öffnen“).

However, when I clicked it, no terminal used to pop up anymore.  Today I once dealt with the problem again and changed the Gnome default application for terminal emulation to xterm and was surprised: the open terminal shortcut worked again!

Well, the solution is that gnome-default-applications-properties (System > Settings > Default Applications) did not correctly update the command line option for the respective terminal emulator.  xterm takes a „-e“ (which was set here) to execute commands, as nautilus-open-terminal presumably does, but gnome-terminal wants a „-x“ for this (-e exists as well but wants the command quoted as a string).  The default applications tool did not update this field.

So I had to correct the parameter myself:

  • launch gconf-editor
  • navigate to /desktop/gnome/applications/terminal
  • change value of key exec_arg to -x for gnome-terminal or to -e for xterm

What is left to wonder about is, why it did not work for me on this computer but it did on my laptop.  I assume I have never switched the default terminal there and the correct paramter for the default gnome-terminal has thus been save.  I did not find a bug report on Launchpad either.  Maybe I will file one but before I do so I might consider updating to Lucid, Ubuntu’s latest version…

Update:  After the update to Lucid, it works correctly via the GUI as well.

Kein Zugriff mehr auf virtuelle Terminals (tty1-6) in Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon: Lösung

Samstag, März 22nd, 2008

Seit geraumer Zeit war es bei meinem Notebook so, dass ich durch drücken von Strg+Alt+F1 bis F6 nicht etwa auf benutzbare Linux-Kommandozeilenboxen kam, sondern auf schwarze Bildschirme mit blinkendem Cursor oben links. Sehr hilfreich. Heute entschloss ich dann endlich mal, dem ein Ende zu bereiten und bin auch fündig geworden. (mehr …)